Umbria is one of the few regions in Italy that is landlocked. It is surrounded by Tuscany, the Marches and Lazio regions. However, you’ll find many lakes, springs and The Tevere (Tiber) River in this beautiful region. Umbria is made up of fertile valleys and rugged mountains and most of the region is rather hilly. The villages in Umbria have maintained their medieval character and beauty and are very worth visiting and exploring. Umbria has a chic rustic simplicity that steals your heart and soul. The main towns of the area are Perugia, Assisi, Terni and Orvieto (to name a few). In Umbria you get hill towns, artistic treasures, sacred sights, museums, crafts, wine, olives, truffles, funghi porcini, fennel, sausages, chestnuts, game, pork……..it’s a diverse land with a very strong identity. As you travel from Tuscany in to Umbria it is very evident that you are in another region.

Many say that this is the old Tuscany — what it was prior to becoming so very touristy. I still love traveling and visiting Tuscany/Toscana (and it’s not touristy in the off-peak) and I adore Umbria……frankly — both regions are sublime at any time of the year. Many of the towns in Umbria have yet to be discovered by the usual tourist, so the towns in this region get a special recommendation (from me). The food and wine in this area is wonderful and some of the dishes you’ll find on the menu are cinghiale (wild boar), crostini al tartufo, sauces made with mushrooms, truffles, squash and salsiccia…..you’ll want to try the pecorino and ricotta cheeses…..the Montefalco Sagrantino, Torgiano Rosso Riserva and the Orvieto wines……the prosciutto di Norcia…….and you’ll have fun shopping the potteries and pottery towns…….it’s a great region that you’ll return to over and over again…….

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