Beautiful Sicily/Sicilia is the largest island in the Mediterranean. The island is surrounded by the Tyrrhenian, Sicilian and Ionian Seas. This is a fabulous island full of tradition and history. Sicily is culturally diverse, a melting pot, a country with a feudal past and ancient treasures…..the island is triangular in shape (the proverbial football to Italy’s boot) and home to the still active Mt. Etna volcano. The main towns here are Palermo, Catania and Messina. Sicily is also home to the Mafia….now, having said that, let’s move on…..there’s much much more to this wonderfully historic and beautiful island……much more. The island is made up of hills for the most part with some mountains (inland) and plains. From the seas, to the hill towns, to the beach resorts, to the temples….Sicily is a great place to visit. Sicily is an agrarian island and you’ll find lots of fruits (citrus), vegetables, almonds, fish, grains, potatoes, beans, olives and game on most menus.

You can fly to Sicily, you can ferry over, you can ferry over with your car and you can take a night ferry overÄ..for schedules and options: flying - check out the flights are fairly frequent and land in Catania, Palermo etc.; ferry over - from Villa San Giovanni which is located way down south in'll catch a ferry over (you can bring your car) follow the signs to the port (the crossing is about 30 minutes and you can see Messina from Villa San Giovanni); the same thing goes for train travel, you'll arrive from your starting point and head south to Villa San Giovanni, depart the train and ferry over to Messina, get back on the train in Messina and head to your final destination; the hydrofoil is another option and is right near Villa San Giovanni port (quite useful to know if there's a strike); for a night ferry from Napoli/Naples to Palermo the ferry generally leaves around 8:45 pm (check the schedule) and arrives the following morning at 6:30am - for schedules: ; you can do the reverse from Palermo to Naples as well.

The cuisine is called the Sun and the Sea…’ll want to try caponata, cuscus, fresh fish and cassata (a dessert with cake, ice cream and candied fruit). You’ll enjoy the Pecorino Siciliano and Ragusano cheeses and Marsala, Moscato, Sciacca and Alcamo wines (among others). One trip here just won’t be enough — there’s too much to discover in the rugged region.


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