Sardinia/Sardegna is a Mediterranean island — completely surrounded by the Tyrrhenian and Sardinian Seas. It is the second largest island in the Mediterranean (after Sicily). It is a land unto itself and really not visited thoroughly by American tourists. It is a land where the people have many roots — a mix of nationalities and influences — no one really knows where the original Sardinians came from….The main towns in the region are Cagliari, Nuoro and Sassari. The land is so varied and interesting that you could simply spend weeks on this island and continue to make fascinating discoveries. It’s a slow place here — perfect for a slow and relaxing (yet memorable) holiday. The majority of the island is hilly. In Sardinia you’ll find ancient villages, prehistoric settlements, beautiful beaches, rocky coasts, a few (well more than a few) swanky resorts, fabulous mountains, endless valleys, islands and inlets — this land has much to offer. You’ll find handicrafts like jewelry, carpets and pottery with a distinctly different style when compared to the rest of Italy. For ferry travel from Genoa/Genova, Civitavecchia, Fiumicino, Napoli/Naples etc. check out

The food and wine is varied as well….fish, game (most popular is the roast pig/porcheddu), pasta, wild boar, olives, game, almonds, honey, fruits….Pecorino and Fiore Sardo cheeses and Vermentino di Gallura, Campidano di Terralba, Arborea and Cannonau di Sardegna wines. Make sure you try the impanadas, the burrida, the pane carasau and the casadinas . Make sure you check out your connections and timing when making a trip here (ferries, planes etc.)

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