Puglia is the heel of Italy’s boot….it is surrounded by the Molise, Campania and Basilicata regions and the Adriatic Sea in southeast Italy. You’ll find a distinct influence from the past here — Spanish, Byzantine and Norman in food and in architecture. The plains and hills dominate the landscape. It’s a long thin region influenced greatly by ancient traditions and other lands. The main towns of the region are Bari, Brindisi and Foggia. The architecture here is (to me) amazing and evocative….the people are proud of their heritage and are so happy to show you what their region has to offer. You’ll find the trulli houses to be of particular interest and there’s an entire "region" where you’ll see these fabulous dwellings. The seaside resorts are unique and dramatic (many are uncrowded and pristine), their castles interesting and breathtaking (there are many to see) and the villages are filled with secrets.

It’s an unusual land — undiscovered by the normal tourist….the food is very good in Puglia (the land is fertile) with an emphasis on almonds, vegetables, figs, eggplant, tomatoes, grains, olives, fish…..cheeses like Canestrato Pugliese and Caciocavallo Silano…. and wines like Moscato di Trani, Castel del Monte, Gioia del Colle, San Severo and Nardo (to name but a few). You’ll be tempted by the fish soups (different in each restaurant), wonderful sauces (unique and flavorful) and of course the fusilli pasta, a favorite in this region (try the orrecchiette too)….as a matter of fact, you’ll find many unique pastas here. Here’s a little known fact: Puglia produces the most wine and olive oil in all of Italy! Who knew?

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