Francavilla Fontana

Martina Franca

Puglia: Alberobello

This is one unique and interesting town! The entire town of Alberobello and the Trulli district are worth the visit. You’ve never seen anything like it! Alberobello is the Trulli capital. Trulli are whitewashed stone buildings, circular in shape with conical lids made of limestone (think like an igloo) — no mortar is used in these buildings. Quite often you will see symbols painted in white on the top of the cones. The tops of the cones have holes for smoke to escape (think teepee). I had the opportunity to visit a friend who lived on the main Trulli street (Zona Monumentale) when I was here, the interior was just as you’d think — whitewashed walls, each cone representing a room, warm and charming — the houses have several to many cones/rooms. The people in the area are very proud of this architecture and you will see it repeated throughout Puglia. I also had the good fortune to meet a person who allowed me to go to the top of his Trulli and look out over the entire city — what a great picture — what a great sight! The Trulli Sovrano is unique among Trulli as it is the only two-storey trullo. It is located at Piazza Sacramento (follow the signs). Check out the Trulli church — Sant’Antonio. Thursday is market day in Alberobello.


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