Philosophy of Travel

Robin Good
My philosophy of travel encompasses several factors: Number one — one trip to Italy is never enough….you will return (over and over) — accept it and move on. Number two — see as much as you can in a limited amount of time, but don’t forget to relax…It is only after many many trips to Italy, that I’ve started spending several days in one place (other than the big cities). Number three — Off peak travel is my preference and has many perks - weather can be a plus, fewer crowds, lower prices, more availability, less congestion. Number four - Drive (unless it’s a very short trip). Combine it with train travel if you must, but driving gives you the freedom to stop when you wish, the freedom to leave when you desire, the freedom to pull over for a picnic or stop at a winery or hike to an Etruscan tomb -- the ability to enjoy Italy at your own pace. Granted, my pace is fast — I try to see as much as possible, but my philosophy is based on the fact that I will be returning (again and again). Number five — This is foreign travel. Don’t expect Italy to be anything like the United States — It’s not…..and you don’t want it to be. Foreign travel requires that you accept and rejoice in the differences between your country and theirs — you might learn something and you might try something new (while there and even when you get home). So, if you feel the need to stay in a hotel that is typically American, then perhaps this is not the site for you. But don’t leave just yet - my goal is to have you safe, comfortable, happy and experiencing Italy in the most positive way, but also learning to travel with ease and independence. I recommend many types of hotels and I urge you to try what I call "the sublime to the ridiculous" rule that allows you to travel at your best….by this I mean: stay at a locally owned bed and breakfast with great comfort and charm (I totally recommend this and I love them), the money you save at these hotels allows you to stay at some of the best hotels for much less (again, think off peak)….or stay at a farm for a totally different experience and price. You need many slices of Italy to get a complete experience — an experience you will not get from a large chain hotel. The goal is to make memories, learn to travel well and have a relaxed and good time in Italy. If it’s your first trip, I have several itineraries that will allow you to spend time in the major cities (Rome, Florence, Venice among others) but will allow you to add a few small (and magical) towns along the way. The best way to "learn and love" Italy is to see the way the people live (and live they do)! You can do that by adding some "out of the way" places to your already terrific trip-plan. Whatever your interest or desire, I have a trip for you. If it’s your second or third trip, you may get more adventurous, but still include major cities that you’ve fallen in love with. Fourth or fifth trip? Have I got some unbelievable places for you! Let me know the places you want or must go, the things you want to see and like to do and I’ll develop a trip that works for you and the time you have to spend in Italy. Don’t be afraid to travel and don’t be afraid to dream about it……..

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