Itinerary Help

Would you like us to plan your trip for you? Would you like us to develop a specific itinerary based on your interests and "must see places"? Answer these questions and email ( or phone us right away (800-615-9302 ext. 318):

1. How many days do you have to spend in Italy?
2. Are you flying in to Milan or Rome? Are you flying out of the same city?
3. What major cities must you see on this trip?
4. In addition to the cities listed above, do you prefer small towns or larger towns?
5. Will you take trains or rent a car?
6. Do you prefer staying in the city center or out in the country?
7. Luxury hotels? Medium hotels? Farms? Villas? A mix?
8. What other things should we consider when planning your trip?

Once we know what you need and want - we can plan the perfect vacation!

Call now - 800-615-9302 ext. 318 - or



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