Traveller's Comments

Robin, just wanted to let you know that we are back and the vacation was a great success. When I have a bit of time I’ll give you feedback on the places we stayed, restaurants, museums, etc., but I just wanted to let you know that your assistance was a key element in everything going smoothly. Cheers, Rick

R. Rendeiro

West Hartford, CT

Hi Robin.

I wanted to drop you a little note thanking you for your time. You worked so hard in planning our trip. Molly and I would never had had such an amazing trip without you. You made it so easy for us to navigate through the cities we visited. I now know why you are IN LOVE with Italy. The country itself just takes a hold of you from the first breath. I really am looking forward to going back to the country. I am hoping to get back a little later this year. Six days was not enough. I felt it in my bones that I need to be in Italy with the loves of my life, mom and my husband Shane. I guess I will be making two trips:):) Going through your notes in all the cities, I always saw you eating, drinking and laughing the way Molly and I did. Maybe we should make a trip to Italy!!!!

I cannot thank you enough. You really made this trip so special for Molly and I. Besides going to a country I have longed to go to for years, I had an experience of a lifetime with my niece.

L. Marchand
Houston, TX


Sorry for the belated note letting you know how well our trip went. I’d like to send more details when I have time. We really loved everything. Tuscany was my favorite. It may have been Janet’s favorite as well, but she was also especially thrilled with The David in Firenze and Cinque Terra. Can’t wait to go back! One specific note – L’Orologia was easily our favorite hotel. Absolutely want to go back there.

Thanks for your help,


S. Lesgold

All has been good so far. It is raining now. We are going to La Tagliata tonight. All hotels were great. Had to walk a lot in Taromina since Villa Sara was so high up - but the price was right and the breakfast was great.
Villa Margaretta in Cefalu was the best. Great price. Rooms were like new. Breakfast was excellent. I would highly recommend it to others

Pagno de Ore was in the clouds. Not many people. But a great location.

Where we are now, Bougainville is right in center of town. Clean and well kept. Location makes up for so so food.

More to come. As always you did a great job so far.

Thanks - A. Perrone
Norwalk, CT


We received the manifesto today. It looks amazing and you did a really great job. I still have a lot to read of course.

Were you able to make a reservation at Trattoria della Gigina in Bologna?



S. Lesgold

Robin - Thank you! It is amazing!

I had one question-- where do we pick up the rental car? I couldn't figure that out.

Thanks - Xochitl

X. Monteon
San Jose, CA

Thanks Robin! We are having an awesome time on our trip. I think you are very popular here - Laura in Varenna especially sends her regards. We totally loved Dionora in Tuscany and just enjoyed a superb dinner at la palazzetta del vescovo courtesy of Paola & Stefano. We feel so lucky to have this experience. Thanks again!
Bill & Kaz

B. and K. DiBiase
San Diego, CA

Hey Robin,  

I wanted to send you a quick note letting you know what a fabulous trip we had.  Every day seemed to be even better than the day before. Each day had so many highlights - the Vatican tour was great and we saw a mass going on in St. Peter's; we bought 3 massive pieces of artwork that Doug is in love with; we took the chair lift up Anicapri and saw the amazing views; we had Antonio make sandals and loafers for us; we rented a boat and swam in the Blue Grotto; we rented a scooter and drove almost to Sorrento stopping in Vietri and Ravello; Mama came out at Campo Cosima and kept trying to feed Doug more and more food from a fresh tomato salad to cake (she tried three times to feed him more than 1 piece) - Doug looked drunk off of food at the end of the meal - Doug is a huge fan!  He wants to go back to Positano every year...I told him that we will have to get you to plan a south of France trip for us maybe next year if I can talk him out of Positano next year! I tried to look you up on facebook so we could share pictures with you.  I couldn't find you though, so I'm not sure if you are on there.  Send me a friend request if you are.  

Thank you so much for planning such an awesome trip for us.  Your recommendations were great!  We did the walking tour that you had set out for us in Rome - it was perfect.  I can't say enough good things.  I really appreciate it!

D & E Greene
Raleigh, NC

Hi Robin. We got the email and attachment from yesterday and it looks great! I am amazed how much information you gave us! I will be sure to confirm receipt of the manifesto next week. Thanks again - we are very excited about this and couldn't have done it without you.

K and B DiBiase
San Diego, CA

Hi Robin~
Just want to let you know we received our manifesto as well as our train tickets. Holy cows you were right about all the info you send!! I started reading and although right now seems very overwhelming - I'm so excited!! Thanks again for all your help and recommendations! Thank you so much for the cookbook too - looks like some amazing recipes...Our very dear friends are flying in tomorrow to stay with us for a week - definitely going to try some!!

Thanks again -

K and D Tepe
San Ramon, CA

Hey Robin,

Thank you so much for everything that you put together!! I was super impressed with all of the detail included in the manifesto. It laid out exactly how we get from point A to point B and sights we might enjoy along the way. That was exactly what Doug and I needed. We are super excited about the trip! Thank you for the recipe book - now I just need to get Doug to cook something from it for me!

E & D Greene
Raleigh, NC


I want to express my thanks to you for a job very well done on our
travel itinerary. Our trip went off without a hitch. It may have been the
best family vacation we've ever had, and we've gone to some fun places
through the years. We had a special time with our kids, and it was fun for
Lugene and me to experience England and Scotland with them given that the 2
of us had done essentially the same trip 24 years ago before they were
born. You did a great job of pulling this together on short notice and in
being responsive to our requests and needs. Let me know if you ever need
any references.

N. Vincent
Dallas, TX

I just wanted to thank you for all your help with the trip to England and Scotland.  We had a great time and everything was so organized. The drivers were such a local travel agents giving so much history and an eye into the local life. The hotels were beautiful and, surprisingly, the food was much better.  It will definitely be a wonderful family memory. We could not have done it without you.  

N and L Vincent
Dallas, Texas

We got it (the manifesto) looks amazing and extremely helpful!

Thanks so much looks like we have a lot of reading to's going to be great!  

Lauren & Scott
L & S Lewis
Chicago, Illinois

Had a great trip.  Thank you for your help.
Hartford, CT

Robin - Great! I think that is all of the hotel choices, right? I am so happy with all of them. Great job!!!

L. Vincent
Dallas, TX

Ms. Good,

U r GOOD!!!  This place is Fantastic.

Getting here was the scariest, but funniest story ever.  I can say now that I have been to San Gimignano!   I drove through the main square and down steps, an old man had to move his chair so I could drive down. It's a good thing I don't speak or understand Italian, because I know what the locals were saying wasn't nice.

Thank you - we are having fun,
John & Carrie
J. Mortensen

Good Morning Robin,
All is well in Europe!  The kids had a great time in Munich, weather was awful, but it did not slow them down. They did everything they set out to do.   ITALY......they ADORED Florence.  Ate 4 meals a day and claimed to have had “the best meal of their entire lies, bar none”!!! Found Gelato and fell in love with Italy.  They did Uffitzi, The David, climbed to the top of Duomo, sat by river and watched sun go down, etc...They are now in Cinque Terre/Monterossa.  I had a quick note from them..they love the little towns. Think Monterossa area is gorgeous!  Gone off to do the hiking trail and end up on the beach later today.  WOW!  They are having a blast!  
Wish we were there!!!!!!
Thanks for making this all “do able”

S. Johnson
Southern Pines, NC

Good Morning Robin,
The kids are having a grand time!  They adored Prague!  Loved Budapest as well.  Hotel in Budapest was wonderful!!!   They used the concierge for several bookings and help. They did Budapest from one side to the other!  Even did a dinner/river cruise! They are people watching and enjoying the World Cup frenzy........loving it all! I got an early morning blackberry message that they were on the train and headed to Munich.  2 very happy children. They are exhausted and will probably sleep all the way to Munich!
Thanks  for all the help!  Talk to you soon:)

S. Johnson
Southern Pines, NC

Hi Saint Robin,
Amsterdam went well and the children have made their way to Prague. Were able to get right into a room at 9:30 am this morning. Another great room (triple). Very nice english speaking woman gave them this room @ double rate to get them in a room.  Have already done walking tour, old town, new town and jewish quarter. Having a ball @ a cafe in old town square w/huge tv  watching world cup and all the people. They are THRILLED again with the location of their hotel!!!  

Forever indebted,
S. Johnson
Southern Pines, NC

Hi Robin,
Lauren and Douglass loved London and the Hart House. They had a HUGE triple room for the price you quoted!  They did so much there it made my feet hurt! Euro star to Brussels this am. Now in Amsterdam @ Hotel Agora on the top floor. They walked to Hotel from train station. Very nice man that spoke excellent english checked them in.
They love the trains!
Stay tuned. Thanks for all your help!! I can actually sleep at night....I still worry plenty, but at least I know they are at safe hotels!
Need a bill!!!!!!!

S. Johnson
Southern Pines, NC

You are incredible!  AND  you work fast!  Do you sleep?  God must have wanted these children to do this trip, because you were at home to do it!  I am crying again....EESSHHH! So unattractive!  They would never have been able to book these.  I feel SOOOOO much better about the whole thing .They are off the charts  excited about all of it.   I told them both to go  to your websites and read EVERY word. Wish I had overruled them sooner and called you .......

I am still very uneasy about the logistics of getting from point  to point, language barriers (they are both fluent in French only) and trying to cram so much into so little time in each city.  I know I already owe you a new car$$$$ by now..........but any additional info/ tips in your brain that might help them out?   I CAN HEAR YOU SWEARING RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!


S. Johnson
Southern Pines, NC


We were overjoyed! It/manifesto is just awesome. My husband called right away and let me know. I looked through it briefly last night and will look through it tonight as well. I am done with school and can now fully concntrate on the trip.
A. Vierra
Burlingame, CA

OK…I’m ready to have my Manifesto to France sent now J

What a great trip….sorry it took me a couple days to recover or I would have reached out sooner……we had an AMAZING time (best of all, my wife thinks I’m totally on the ball and organized….words that have NEVER come out of her mouth in reference to me before).
I can’t begin to tell you all the things we did and places we went….besides, I’m sure you have heard about most of the places we went before….although there may be a discovery or two that we found that I’ll share with you another time……the two days and lodging in Umbria you recommended were definitely among the highlights (even in the snow)….but I thought you would get a kick out of knowing that on our last night, at Harry’s Bar in Venice, we notched a Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie sighting….how cool is that?
It won’t be long before I’m ready to plan another trip…but in the meantime, be on the lookout for something liquid & red to arrive at your office in the next week or so.
Ciao and thank you again,
M. Campbell

Just wanted to let you know that I got the manifesto in the mail today.  Thanks so much!  My wife and I are really starting to get excited.  Only thing we need to get now are our Visas.  Hopefully the political situation will stay calm here in Thailand.
Also, thanks so much for the Tapas cookbook.  You must be psychic.  We love tapas and have been talking about getting a cookbook for quite a while but just never got around to it.  
Again, thanks so much for your help!!
M. Huntrakoon
Bangkok, Thailand

Got it - ok - done!  You are awesome by the way - best customer service i think I've ever had!!!

K. Farrington
Playa del Rey, CA

Hi Robin,
The trip was fantastic. Thank you very much for all your advice, time and talents putting it together for us. All hotels were absolutely fine and just what I had asked for especially with our large party of 6. Locations of hotels were fantastic and they were clean and not smokey as requested! All breakfasts were very nice and fresh fruit was always served which we Californians appreciated. The service in these hotels was wonderful. We were split on our favorite locations between amazing Rome and Artsy, beautiful Florence. The hotels helped us with personal guides for Rome, Florence and Pompeii. Thank you hugely for the suggestion to stop in Assisi on the way back from Venice to Rome. Next time we want to stay there for a few nights. That city was amazing! In Assisi we met a wonderful Italian family that owned a restaurant with terrific food and a hotel nearby! They were super friendly and we met all the children and family members working in the restaurant. They even shared with us some of their family recpies and demonstrated how to make some of the dishes we were eating bringing fresh herbs to our table so we would understand exactly what to use. We really enjoyed having our own rental car as it allowed us to see more and with our large party worked well. The drive was quite crazy to Positano and we managed to only hit 1 mirror of a parked car on those narrow roads but all was well. Thank you so very much. We appreciate all your work. This was a trip of a lifetime and we can't wait to go again very soon!

L Maddux and Family
Camarillo, CA

Hi Robin,
We're back from Italy, and Charlie and I wanted to THANK YOU so much for putting together a trip of a lifetime!!!
1st of all, like you said, the Amalfi coast was FINE, NOT a big deal to drive.  Too many of my friends told me scary stories about it.  By the way, the Amalfi coast was our FAVORITE spot/area!!!!  The Marincanto was dreamy, went to a concert in Ravello, (loved Ravello), got a parking ticket there, (we were told to pay it at the pharmacy, then sent to the police station, then sent to the post office, then paid it at the bank in Positano!!!!!).  What a hysterical,  crazy experience.  Definetely the Griswalds European vacation!!!!!!
The hotel in Rome was charming, got stuck in the one man elevator, ANOTHER European vacation experience!!!  The Gonzales's and us have never laughed SO hard!!

We LOVED the villa and Erik in Chianti.  The restaurant that you booked for us was fantastic!  We got a kick out of the HUGE black lab, and so enjoyed Volterra, and other towns that you recommended!
Como was beautiful, and your description of the woman who runs a tight ship was way too MILD!  Is the other woman her daughter?  

We so enjoyed the hotel in the Cinque Terre, and I'm sorry that I have forgotten the owners name, was a LITTLE small, but ever so charming, and she was welcoming, gracious, and a great hostess!

We were SO HAPPY to stay in the wonderful, beautiful hotel near the airport in Milan after staying in Como.  We hoped that that hotel would have a real shower, and it was PERFECT!  We needed a hotel like that before our long day of travel.

We couldn't have done such an amazing trip without your expertise!  You truly guided us through our 2,000 mile Italy vacation.  We had a blast!!!!  Thank you so much....

My friend Laurie Maddux might be e-mailing you to help her family (6 people) with their trip over Xmas break.  
Thanks again Robin.....Ciao, Jill
J & C Scholler
Camarillo, CA


The manifesto arrived yesterday just as you promised.  I haven't been through all of it yet, but WOW!  

Thanks so much.  
M. & D. Malone

Hi Robin,
We received our honeymoon manifesto yesterday - wow it is impressive!  Your hard work and attention to detail is very apparent in the final product.  Thank you so much for the tapas cookbook as well - that was so sweet and thoughtful of you.  We can't wait to cook some of the recipes, either in preparation for the trip or to recreate those culinary memories when we return.  :)  
N and J McDonald
Redondo Beach, CA

Thank you, thank you, thank you....... You've been wonderful!
J. Scholler
Camarillo, CA

Hi Robin,

Hope all is well with you!  Just wanted to drop a line and let you know you may be hearing from a good family friend of mine looking to book a trip to Sicily. Her name is Alecia.

Every time someone talks about traveling to Italy, I tell them about you!

I hope to go back soon and when I do I will definitely be in touch!

Very Best,


We are having a wonderful time. The young ones  loved Rome and Pompei especially and we are all enjoying Il Borro. The  food and hotel suggestions have been invaluable and the directions a lifesaver  many times over. We toured Siena today and go to Florence tomorrow. I will  send a more detailed debriefing later but just wanted to send our thanks for  now.  

F. Frederick
Austin, TX

Robin - I’ve got it (manifesto) and it’s downright amazing!  Thank you so much.
F. Frederick
Austin, TX


Amazing trip so far!  Leaving Scopello now for Agrigento en route to Taormina.  We love Sicily, thank you, thank you!
Quick question -- looking ahead to Florence, I have heard we should book Uffizi tickets in advance of arrival.  Can you help us or recommend how to do so?   We are laptop-free so keep that in mind.  Thanks again for everything.


New York,
New York

Thanks for your help. We are having a great time, and your manifesto has been tremendously useful.
Talk to you soon.
R & K Patrick
Jacksonville, FL

Hi Robin.
Thanks so much for the manifesto - it looks great!  We're excited for our trip.  I can't believe it's finally this close!
Could you please make us reservations at the following 2 restaurants in Florence for each of the nights we're there?  Flexible as to time - 8 or 9 seems fine (do they eat later there?  I know Spain and Greece run super-late, but I couldn't remember if Italy was the same way).
Florence - Trattoria Sostanza
Florence - Trattoria Garga

Thanks again for all your help.
J and K Blank
New York, NY

Thanks for your help and marvelous guidance. The Italy manifesto is INCREDIBLE!!! Nice work. We will definitely be sharing your name with others that are looking to make the trip.
Thanks again.
R. Patrick
Jacksonville, FL

Robin--You should be a shrink. You'd be a good one.

You have an excellent way of telling people (me) what they need to hear, even when they are in denial. I am taking your advice:  booking a room at the Rome  airport  hotel and giving up the unrealistic notion of trying to make it to Fumicino from Florence for a 10am departure to JFK.

Now that I have embraced this strategy, I see many benefits. I'll train it into Rome Centro with my daughter and wife  and we'll have the day to tool around Rome--on Valentine's Day! After dinner, my daughter will return to Florence by train and we'll head for the airport and a FULL night's sleep.

Thanks for the advice.

Best Regards,

F. Abatemarco

Hi Robin,
Hope all is well and Happy New Year!
I rave about you all the time and we have photos everywhere of our honeymoon in Italy to remind us of the most amazing trip ever!
A good friend of our's, is planning a trip to Italy this February.  
He is looking to arrange transportation  from the center of Florence, Italy, to Rome's Fumicino on the morning of Sunday, 2/5/09.
I sent him your contact information but wanted to send you an email as well.
Feel free to contact him directly and im sure he'll be reaching out to you soon.  
Vinny and I keep talking about going back to Italy, not sure when yet but when the time comes I'll be calling!
Very Best,

Robin!! What great timing you have!
I have meant to write to you a million times, and for some reason, I never get to it. Our trip to Italy was beyond our imagination. We loved every single minute of it (well except when our boat got fogged in coming back from Capri and I caught a wicked sinus infection).
I see that you're doing France now too? Tell me the details!
Hope you're well and seeing many great places!  
L. Simon
Lambertville, NJ

Ciao Robin,
Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures of Italy you sent.   They were amazing and breathtaking and it's no wonder that Italy has become a passion for most that have visited, especially if they booked the trip through you.  We definitely want to go again in the not too distant future and you can be sure we will contact you when we decide to go again.
Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year!!!!
C. Federici
Norwalk, CT

It was a fabulous trip to Spain!  Thanks so much for your help.  We'll send you a full report later when we have some time.
W & J Roy
Los Angeles, CA

Hi Robin,
Ted and I want to Thank you so much for our fantastic trip!!  We were singing your praises the whole time...especially in Venice at the parking garage it seems we needed a reservation so we just acted dumb and gave them the information from the manifesto they let us past hundreds of cars!!  
Just thought you'd like to know some of our favorite memories.  We LOVED Hotel Oliveda in Lake Como...Laura said to say Hello... her Tiramisu was to die for!  The location was perfect and everything we hoped for.  
Had so much fun in Santa Margherita...they upgraded our hotel room and it was lovely.  Dinner at La Salla was one of my favorite memories...the view - WOW! Spectacular !
Florence was Magical (my favorite place)  the hotel was so perfect.  We highly recommend it to anyone.  We wished we had taken more time there.   We shopped too much and didn't get it all in.
I was so happy to see just felt like NYC on a busy day.  Took away from the ambience.  We did enjoy our dinner you set up for us!  What a dining delight!!  The wine was incredible and we tried the tasting menu...LOVED IT!!
All in All we thought you had incredible taste and it was perfect for us.
We used our Garmin (navigational system) and bought an Italian card for it.  We highly recommend it to your clients.  It really helped us out a few times when we were lost or looking for hotels (especially in Florence).
Back to reality :( but full of incredible memories....hope to work with you again soon.  I'm ready for Barcelona now!

M & T Blackwell
Overland Park, Kansas

Thanks Robin - I can't tell you how much I appreciate you working on the trip on such short notice and with all of the hurricane problems.  I'm sure you had more important things in your life to deal with.  The Manifesto was just delivered and looks really great!
W and J Roy
Los Angeles, CA

Hi Robin,
I received the package yesterday!!!  Can't wait to go through everything I hope to do it tonight.
I know I've said it over and over....but Thank You!
M. Blackwell
Overland Park, Kansas

I think we are doing great!!  I am so excited about the trip...I think we are going to play it by ear like you said on museums.  I would love it if you could make dinner reservations for the first night we arrive at each new hotel.   
You have been wonderful!  I will tell all my friends about your service... do you do just Italy??
M. Blackwell
Overland Park, Kansas

Hi Robin,
Thank you so much for everything.  We are so excited for our trip.  I will be sure to touch base with you when we return.
J. French
Los Angeles, CA

I just wanted to let you know I received the manifesto and all I can say is WOW!!  I am so impressed.  I will look it over this weekend and I am sure, will not have any questions as it looks like you more than covered everything.  
Thanks for everything.

Los Angeles, CA

Hi Robin -
We received our trip plan today.  It is WONDERFUL.  You did a wonderful job. Can't wait to start reading it.      
Thank you and we will tell you about our trip....Thank you so much.
Ro & Guy DelBene and family.

Robin -

I thought I had sent you a note, but I cannot find anything in my email trail - so I apologize.

THANK YOU for your help on our recent Italy trip. We had a great time and the 12 days went by quickly. We used a number of your suggestions - restaurants, sights, etc and while I did a fair amount of advanced planning - we did deviate a couple of times to do side trips.

During my travels, I met a woman in Tuscany who is a travel agent and she was traveling with her extended family (about 9-10 people). We started talking and I told her of your service and showed her your book, she was impressed. She asked for your name and I passed that on to her. I do not recall her name but she was from the Chicago area. She may contact you (if she has not already) as she may want to use your services in the future.  I also passed on your name and number to some of my colleagues who are thinking of Italy.

Again, I apologize for the delay in sending this to you and Thanks again.


L. Vigliotti

Robin: Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner but we have continued our
travels in May to include a trip to DC to baby sit 2 grand daughters and
then I went directly to New York on a business trip and got back yesterday.
All told two nights at home since we left on May 3.

Enough of that, the trip was all we could have asked for. The weather was
super, only got wet one afternoon on the way back to the car in Siena. The
hotels were all super, some more super than others but all right in the
heart of the action. Our favorites in descending order Oliveda, Pasitea and
Il Lecchio. Your inputs on places and restaurants were right on. We did not
get to a couple of the reservations, couldn't find them or we were too beat,
but we used your other suggestions and they turned out to be great to
spectacular. Some favorites; Enzo and Piero,Da Gemma, Scirocco
(in Montepertuso), Virgilio's and Harry' Bar...with the olives.

Train and car travel worked out just fine. We got lost a couple of times in
Tuscany, not bad and really got screwed up on the way to Positano when we
somehow (GPS's fault) wound up in the trash laden streets of Naples.
Fortunately, we found the police and they escorted us out to the main drag
to Sorrento.
The water taxi's etc. in Venice, ferry's in Varenna and boats to
Amalfi and Capri were all an experience to remember.
If we are ever go back, the places for us are Lake Como and the Amalfi
Coast. Lots still left to see and do in both places and not the hassle of
the cities.
We cannot thank you enough. The planning you did for us made this our trip
of a lifetime.
Thanks again,

Rich and Carol

PS -  We did buy a large original oil painting, of a scene in Amalfi, that
we plan to hang somewhere once it is stretched and framed.

Robin, you are probably at the airport about now...just wanted to let you know that we are having the time of our lives...this has been a wonderful trip, more than I could have imagined.
The weather here in Positano is wonderful, today was about 70 and sunny, tomorrow to be in the 80s and sunny. We are going to Capri tomorrow, and hopefully my husband will not be seasick...hope to see you?

Thank you for sending us here -- this place is beautiful. My wife and kids audibly gasped when we walked into our room.

M. Kozlik

Hi Robin,
We received the manifesto today. Thank you and Wow! It looks great.
Just a few things i wanted to go over. When we pick up our car as we depart from Rome, our plan is to go directly to San Giovanni Rotundo spend the afternoon there and head straight to Positano before dark. I'm concerned about driving in the dark can we get the car earlier than 9am? If so, make that happen!  I got your maps to San Giovanni Rotundo - thanks.
Also if we can fit in Scafati - what is the best way to get there?
Thanks again - Chris
C. Gurevitz
Trumbull, CT

Thank you so much for sending the recipes Robin.  It is very thoughtful of you to send these tidbets once in awhile.
John and I definitely plan on going back to Italy in a few years and you can be sure we will let you plan the trip for us.
For Xmas, I ordered John the Visions of Italy that the PBS stations show.  I ordered the Southern Italy and Sicily.  Can't wait to watch it with him.
Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Happy New Year.
C. Federici
Norwalk, CT

Hi Robin,

I've recommend you to a co-worker, Glenn Del Bene.  He is traveling to Italy in August with his family.  I believe his mother may already be in contact with you.  Thanks for helping them with their travel plans.

Robin - Manifesto arrived and it is excellent - you did a great job. Thank you.

M. Kozlik
Chester, CT

Just got back from Sicily. Thanks so much for the restaurant recommendations. We had a great time. I found some relatives in the middle of Sicily from my father’s home town. Amazing, my family left almost a century ago. Hope all is well with you.

A. Perrone

Thanks Robin.
Some of these recipes look great and some very familiar.
I hope all is going well with you.  I have heard lots of great compliments from friends that I have recommended to your sight.  Everyone has had a great trip and couldn't believe how complete your manifesto was.  They have all raved and have hopefully spread the word about you and your website.
MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family!

J. Desrochers


Well, I thought that we should report back. The trip was great and while we covered a lot of ground, we missed a lot as expected.  All of the hotels worked out well. The weather turned very cool in Florence and Tuscany, but warmed up by the time we reached the Amalfi Coast.


  • Venice - Osteria di Santa Marina - not my favorite...but good. The second night we dined at Al Theatro which was good, but expensive.
  • Florence - Da Giovanni - was fabulous - thanks for the reservation there. The owner was a little guy and his daughter worked there also. They had relatives in New Jersey.  I had the Tortelli d'aragosta which was a half lobster and lobster ravoli. We received so many extras like a champagne toast, an appetiser, they put a bottle of limoncello on the table. Upon leaving I complimented the owner on the vino della casa and he gave me a bottle.
  • Tuscany - the first night we ate at Villa Il Poggiale. It turned out great. Of course the second night we dined at Osteria di Passignano. It was wonderful as you promised.
  • Assisi - Dal Moro Gallery Hotel - this was one of the few places we had problem. The menu was in Italian and no one spoke English, but everything worked out fine.
  • Rome - Pierluigi was very good. The second night we ate at a restaurant the hotel  recommended called Laguna. It was so good that we ate there the next night.
  • Positano - La Tagiata was great, no menu, tons of food and there was a shuttle service to and from the hotel. We also ate at Chez Black and Il Fornillo, near the hotel. We also ate at Cumpa Cosima in Ravello. I was yelled at by the hostess/owner because she said that I didn't eat enough, so she brought me out another plate of pasta. Great place as you promised.
  • My general observations were the pizza and pasta were terrific wherever we went.
Sites,Tours, Comments, etc
  • Venice - We covered a lot, were lost frequently, the "Walking Tour" was very informative, did Harry's, etc
  • Florence - Accademia and Uffizi worked out well. Il Duomo was spectacular.
  • Tuscany - as you said 2 days is not enough time to put a dent in the area. We loved San Gimignano.
  • Assisi - was beautiful.
  • We got lost in Siena and Perugia.
  • On the way to Rome we took a route by Spoleto.
  • Rome - both walking tours were excellent. The Ancient City guide was from the UK and the Vatican guide was from Vermont and took 5 hours. The hotel's location allowed us to see many sites easily; Piazza Navona, Campo dei Fiori, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, etc. After Borghese we walked back via the Spanish Steps.
  • Positano - one day we took a small boat to Capri. There were only four people and went around the island slowly, were dropped off for a few hours and then went back. Another day we went to Amalfi and Ravello.
Your manifesto was invaluable. Thanks for all of your help.


P. Duhamel
River Vale, NJ

Hi Robin,

I received the manifesto and it looks great!  I'll try to look it over in detail and let you know if I have any questions.  Thanks!

S. Hess
Torrance, CA

Hi Robin:
We had a wonderful time and owe so much of it to you!  I'm sure your ears were ringing as we praised you many times during the last two weeks.
I'll write you in more detail about our trip but just wanted to say a million thanks for making our vacation such a success.
C. Andreoli
Norwalk, CT

Hi Robin,
Thanks again for planning a fantastic trip to Italy!  My husband and I had a great time.  We’re already trying to figure out when we can return!

G. Barro
Los Angeles, CA

Dear Robin
I am going through old emails and came upon your email here.  The honeymoon was fantastic.  We loved Italy and the itinerary that you helped us with.  
Good luck and we hope to need your services again soon.
C. Turl
San Diego, CA

Just wanted to let you know that our trip was fabulous!  We had the most
wonderful time and your recommendations really made a big difference.  
We'll definitely go back and ask for your help again.

For what it's worth, the hotel in Rome was very nice but visitors would
be wise to avoid their bar or restaurant - 60 Euro for 2 bottles of beer
and 2 glasses of house wine.  But the location was great and we found an
enoteca nearby that was lots of fun.  Getting out of Rome was a bit
nerve racking and the folks at Avis could use a little customer service
training, but we loved the AutoStrade.  So much so that we stayed on it
too long and missed out exit so ended up going over the mountain to get
to Amalfi rather than around it as you directed.  We took a road that
didn't even allow trucks, buses or cars with trailers.  We were above
the clouds making hairpin turns on roads without rails and almost ran
over a goat herd coming down the mountain.  What excitement.  The view
from our room made it worthwhile.  Amalfi was fun, loved Ravello and
would stay in Positano next time as you were right to describe it as the
most lovely of the towns.  It would have been a better choice for us but
you don't know until you see it.

They may have added the fake nativity scene since you were there but the
Emerald Grotto was the hokiest tourist trap ever.  The guide would part
the water with his oar and shout 'looky, looky, it's a miracle' when you
were looking down at a ceramic figurines of the nativity.  Other than
that, our day on the water was superb!  The Cumpa restaurant in Ravello
was so much fun and the food was delicious.  We didn't have a
reservation so they let us wait at the family table and told us to serve
ourselves from the wine cask.

The only bummer was Naples.  What little we saw of it after driving
around for 2.5 hours looking for the airport to return our car was dirty
and congested.  I wouldn't go back there, even though we ended the
evening with a pleasant dinner al fresco at the nearby trattoria which
claims to have invented the Pizza Margharita.  And you know what the
airport in Naples is like.  Yuck.

A honeymoon to remember.  Thanks for all your help!
C. Varnadoe
Raleigh, NC

Thank you so much Robin-Unbelievable!  I haven't had a chance to read it all but it looks so fabulous! Thank you for your time and hard work!  
M. Covington
Houston, Texas

Happy holidays to you also Robin. We still are talking about the trip you arranged for us. Thank you. It was the best trip of our life.
A. Perrone


Just wanted to let you know we had a wonderful time in Italy and I thank you
for all you did.  You even ordered picture perfect weather.

I feel we got the true flavor of the country this time versus going on a
tour as we did last year.  Not many people can say they shared the same
hotel room as Brad Pitt did, but I can.  Scopello was very charming.  We
went to Cefalu for a day and loved it.

We had a difficult time finding our hotel in Ragusa, but after getting lost
and trying to use the phone at the police station and being refused we
finally arrived.  We enjoyed the beach the next day which was quite
relaxing.  Needless to say, I think the real "Tony Soprano" was there.  We
loved the square in Ragusa and the guys liked watching the bonding that the
Italian men do.  There was a great picture that I wish I had taken but chose
not to in order to respect their privacy, but it was a group of men sitting,
smoking and chatting away outside a trattoria.  There was a wedding taking
place and they were all so friendly.  It was Pete and Carol's 44th wedding
anniversary on that day and somehow they managed to get in the wedding
pictures after Pete told them of their day.  It was a real Kodak moment.

Taormina was so beautiful and I loved the location we had because it was so
easy to walk to everything.  I should say close not easy because the walking
as you know can be quite challening.  Loved that town.  It was very sad to
leave Sicily, we truly enjoyed every minute of it.

We had an interesting experience when we got to the ferry.  For some reason
the booking agent that Carol had received the information from apparently
never told the ferry we were coming.  So Carol had to talk to them for an
hour and half and they kept telling her we didn't have a reservation
although she had the paper showing all the information.  At that point, we
said even if there are no rooms left if we could just walk on.  To fast
forward, she had to pay for the ferry all over again and now has to try to
get her money back.  She won't be back from Rome until Tuesday and when I
told her I would be e-mailing you to thank you she asked if I could mention
this incident to you.  It was a little scary because it was getting dark and
we had no idea what we would do if they had refused us passage.  After all
was said and done, the ferry was great, good rooms, smooth ride and it was
nice to be on deck in the morning.

Positano was everything I had hoped it to be and then some. Francisco and
staff were so accommodating it was overwhelming.  Four of us went to
LaTagliata for dinner and that certainly was an adventure.   Went to Ischia
for a day and it was wonderful.  We had a taxi driver take us around from
11:15 until 4:00 for only $20 euros a person.  He was so pleasant and
brought us to a fantastic restaturant for lunch.  I think the name was
Neptunes.   Another day we took the boat to Amalfi and then the Dyers and us
went to Ravello.  That was absolutely breathtaking.  Only wished a concert
was going on.  We had lunch in the tea garden.  Not sure why we ordered
milkshakes instead of tea, but.....we did.

Then the icing on the cake was when John and I got upgraded to business
class coming back.  With all our traveling we have never had that before.
Their business class is first class and what an experience.  I felt bad
because Dyers didn't get one but the lady said my ticket showed business.
Not sure why because if that's the case, I should have had it going too.  I
know when we booked Eurofly we had some apprehension.  But I will tell you,
I would highly recommend them, not only for the cost for for their service.
I will say we took off at 12:10 instead of 10:35 going and coming back we
took off about an half hour late, but for those prices I'll take it.  The
crew was pleasant, the seats were very comfortable and the flight was as
smooth as glass.  We are hearing more and more people in our area using that
airlines so if you had to recommend it to your clients I would not hesitate.

Robin, once again mucho thanks and you can be sure, not if, but when we go
back, you will be hearing from me.
C. Federici
Norwalk, CT

Dear Robin,                                                        
I wanted to say thank you for arranging our trip to Italy last year. Derek Fairchild-Coppoletti is my son and he made all the arrangements with you.  We had a wonderful time in the north of Italy driving all over. The hotel and restaurant reservations were very nice and convenient. I just gave your name to some friends of mine, since they wish to have some arrangements made for their upcoming trip to Sicily. They may be contacting you soon. Again, thank you so much for a very enjoyable itinerary.
Richard Coppoletti

Hi there.  The manifesto is awesome!  So much detail and good ideas.  Thank you!

C. Varnadoe
Raleigh, NC

I saw Bridget and Vinny over the weekend.  They could not say enough good things about their trip and everything you did for them. Vinny said it was the trip of a lifetime and that your manifesto was incredible.  They could not believe the amount of time you spent planning it and how completely flawless the entire trip was.  Thought you would want to know.

J. Carstensen
New York, NY

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